Anxiety isn’t just for Christmas

Coping with anxiety is an every day struggle. My moods are all over the place. I’m emotional. I cry at the John Lewis advert. Im human !

This time of year can bring things to the surface, memories either bad or good, feelings of loneliness and most of all for me personally my anxiety is at a high. With all the social events that come with Christmas,it can leave me feeling a bit overwhelmed. Work’s do’s, family get together’s etc. You normally see people who you don’t see throughout the year,which although lovely, can be daunting.

This isn’t because you don’t love or like these people, it’s because with time apart, comes questions and situations.

To someone who doesn’t suffer with anxiety, it might seem ridiculous. But I’ve been overthinking about every possible question I could be asked, by people who I don’t even know for definite are going to these social gatherings and with that, losing sleep. This is really how it works out in my head. I hope other people are reading this and can relate, and don’t think you sound crazy because your far from it.

I am at a point with my anxiety that I can talk myself out of backing out of attending anything that could pose the possibility of confrontation and questions. I am thankful for this, because it used to be quite crippling to the point I wouldn’t leave the house. The point I am trying to make is although this has peaked due to the festive season, it’s not something that will disappear as soon as the New Year is here. It’s everyday, some days, or weeks apart but it’s here, for life, with bells on.

Just know you are not alone.

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