Diet in December ?

Being one of those people who has been dieting for 10 years and weigh the most I’ve ever weighed ever, I’ve taken the decision that I really need to do something about my weight. Not just that but my mind too. It goes hand in hand, healthy body healthy mind and all that. I eat for convenience or when I’ve had a rough day, I’m miserable with no confidence and have really started letting myself go. It’s no ones fault, it’s all on me.

I’m intelligent enough to know what I’m doing to my body with all the crap junk food, so why have I done it my whole life ? Habit of a lifetime. Why change it ? I have these conversations with myself daily. I am so into fashion, and I can’t wear anything I want. Yes I’m very pleased that there are more plus size varieties, but as I said before it’s not just the weight. My mind is always busy and I don’t take time out for myself. I love my curves and don’t want to be stick thin. It just wouldn’t be me. So here I go on my 200th diet journey of my life, with optimism and hope that I can make it past the muffins in the office tomorrow morning… Wish me luck !

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