Christmas Gift Ideas

So I have been stressing about the fact that all my mates are super organised when it comes to Christmas gifting. One friend has been done and has wrapped everything two weeks ago. (I mean come on !)

I love to be organised but I am just not there this year, the struggle is real. I’m really busy at work, I’m planning a house move for the new year and I’m just a bit all over the place.

Bargains are the things I love, but not always ideal gifts for your loved ones. I’ve been scouring the net for thrifty ideas, with a personal touch. Here are some ideas if you are struggling to come up with a wonderful bespoke gift this Christmas.

1) Personalised Gift Box

This is a perfect gift idea for any loved one. You can literally fill a gift box, like a mini hamper with tissue paper, fill it with their favourite things and voila ! You could do themed boxes for younger recipients, really go to town on a real personalised touch.There is nothing more lovely than the thought that goes behind a gift, and I can guarantee the recipients of this would be very happy indeed and will feel very spoilt !

2) Personalised Canvas/ Photo Frame

I just feel like Christmas time is so special and it’s a time to reflect on how amazing our loved ones are and a time to appreciate that. I always love to get something seriously special for my family members. I love handmade crafts, and I love getting something that is unique and special. Etsy is a great place to look for canvases and photo frames. Below are some examples that I found just by searching personalised gifts.

3) Annual Passes

Finally this is something that I have thought a good idea for any time of year, birthdays, Christmas, anniversaries etc. The Annual Pass. Whether it be a Cinema pass, a pass to their favourite English Heritage site or a theme park, these are perfect gifts purely because it’s something that the recipient would never really think to get for themselves. Unless they are avid goers to said places, to some people they are a bit of a treat, and come down to the bottom of the list of essential things to buy and pay for for themselves. You can find some really good deals online at the moment, especially because if Black Friday. Just google it!

I hope you enjoyed my post. Please comment if you have any ideas to share for gifting this Christmas!

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(Images are not mine but have been published to Pinterest. )

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