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Plus Size Dresses – My Wish List

Hi there ! Hope the start of your week is wonderful and not too Mondayish?

I thought it would be nice for me to share with you my Plus Size Dress Wishlist! As all you beautiful curvy women can appreciate, the choice for us to express our unique styles to the full hasn’t always been available, but more and more fashion brands are getting involved in equality for all sizes. Pretty Little Thing have more than impressed me, with them breaking the barrier of having two models wearing the clothes on their latest campaign. Showing two different shapes of women blew my mind ! All of this gets me extremely excited, and my bank balance a little bit lower…

1) I get a lot of my style ideas from Instagram. One of the women that inspire me is Denise Bidot. First of all she is absolutely stunning, secondly she is a boss lady in her own right. Creating the #nowrongway movement, which celebrates every type of woman, she’s up there as one of my faves to follow. She recently posted the below image on her Instagram.

I think this dress is beautiful, and love the shape and how it compliments her amazing curves. I found a “similar”style dress from ASOS, and it’s just £32.

We tend not to stray from the standard red, gold, black vibes in dresses at Christmastime and pastel colours are not always a go to for me, but it’s so pretty and different. I’d match it with a clutch and the shoes shown with it!

2)Keeping in with the theme of the holidays approaching, I had to include this little number to the list. Sequins are the one. I truly believe I was a disco ball in a past life, I love the glam. I remember not too long ago, shopping for a dress for my Works Xmas bash, and feeling so down and frustrated that every single dress I liked didn’t come in my size. One of the reasons I stopped going shopping for a while, the deflating feeling of not being able to look how I wanted to was upsetting. Luckily we now have options (hallelujah!) The one I chose at numero 2 is from Missguided and comes in at £45. You will literally be the belle of the ball !

3) Finally in at number 3 on the list, saving the best til last is my favourite from the pre mentioned Pretty Little Thing collection.

I absolutely love this dress and it is everything I’ve ever wanted in a dress and more. Think Beyoncé in Naughty Girl sitting in that huge champagne glass. I’m talking freakum dress on another level. Seriously. It’s a little pricier than my other picks at £70 but I would literally go to the supermarket in this dress, it is that spectacular.

Hey Pretty Little Thing, don’t let this sell out please, at least until my next payday !

So that’s the end of my list. How do you feel about the plus size options we have currently from fashion houses ? Do you still think more could be done to accommodate different shapes and sizes ? Please comment below I would love to here your views and discuss it further !

All the dresses I’ve chosen, I have included the link in case you like them as much as me !

Thank you for reading x

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